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“If what you always believed to be true about money turned out not to be true, when would you want to know?”

Financial Services

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive financial services to business owners and individual clients, we work in-depth with you in each of the following areas:

Goal Setting: Once we gain an understanding of what is financially important to you, we work to structure your finances in a way that will help you achieve your goals. We utilize a variety of techniques and approaches to help clarify and communicate your goals. We continuously work with you to measure your progress along the way.

Cash Flow: With every client, we complete an analysis of your current expenses and cash flow. Whether it’s personal or for your business, we educate you on the difference between debt and liabilities, where you can leverage the right liabilities to increase your financial prosperity.

Risk Assessment: Part of our process is determining which of our products, Infinite Wealth or TheWealth Accelerator, works best for your personal situation. Assessing the risk puts us in a position to determine the amount of discretionary income for investment possibilities or if we need to focus on eliminating your debt. We take our time during this process to discuss these issues in great detail so that you can make an informed decision on which investment vehicle is right for you.

Professional Partners: In some instances, your situation may require us to call on the expertise of one of our trusted professional partners. Our partner network consists of Tax Professionals, Certified Public Accountants, and Legal Professionals who may need to be a part of the process.

On-Going Consultation: We hold your hand through this entire process and work with you continuously to address any other matters that may arise that impact your financial life. Our relationship with you is long-term and we are available to you as needed to address issues as they present themselves.

What if there was a way to avoid tax burdens at retirement, avoid downward trends in the stock market, and no taxes as your money grows and gets distributed.

Here’s a qualified IRS approved class of tax-friendly savings vehicle that works more favorably than IRA’s, 401K’s and pension plans. Infinite Wealth can do a lot more than replace income; it provides a way to create a legacy of our lives and ensure that we can continue creating value in the world, even when we are sick, disabled, or dead.

Most of us preparing for or approaching retirement are just not aware of the life-changing differences between a taxed vs. a tax-free retirement.

With Infinite Wealth we help you identify the wealth transfers you are paying unintentionally and we creatively redirect this wealth to enhance your estate, improve your current lifestyle and provide a comfortable rewarding retirement.

Here’s the difference between making an investment in Infinite Wealth vs. a traditional retirement plan.

Traditional Retirement Plan
401k, 403(B), IRA

  • Tax Free Growth
  • Taxes paid on early withdrawals
  • Penalty on withdrawals before age 59 ½
  • Distributions must begin at age 70 ½
  • Cash value that fluctuates with market (risky)
  • Limited annual contributions
  • Taxes may increase over time
  • Here’s the difference between making an investment in Infinite Wealth vs. a traditional retirement plan.

    The Alternative!
    Infinite Wealth

    • Tax Free Growth
    • Tax free withdrawals
    • Only participate in market gains (no risk)
    • No age restrictions on withdrawals
    • No limit on annual contributions
    • Tax free retirement income for life (when structured properly)
    • Taxes may increase over time


Here is a free webinar that I am co-hosting with my mentor, Rich Thompson of Advanced Legacy Concepts. This webinar will address little-known financial strategies that can assist business owners and individuals with personal finances and ways to reinvest the revenues and profits from your business.

Click on Click Here to View to gain access to the webinar, you can watch yesterday’s webinar by selecting “Right Now” or register for a specific time.

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Take advantage of your free, no-obligation consultation.

We work individually with every client to provide the best financial solution that will mitigate your risk by increasing your knowledge. Our free, no obligation financial consultation gives us the opportunity to review your current finances and determine a financial solution without changing your lifestyle.

Free Financial Review

When you meet with our team, you will gain financial intelligence that the eye cannot see. You will learn how financial investment can protect your income from taxes year after year, and how to pay down your mortgage in half the time without changing your budget or refinancing. We explore your reasons and your options.

If you are looking for a Safe, Risk-free investment alternative to stocks, mutual funds, and 401(k)s, then I challenge you to think like a true investor; they contribute to and create favorable conditions to achieve healthy returns on their investments, mitigate their risk, have an exit strategy that allows them to profit under almost any circumstance, and practice the theories of utilization and velocity as opposed to total accumulation.