Traditional Retirement Plan
401k, 403(B), IRA
• Tax Free Growth
• Taxes paid on early withdrawals
• Penalty on withdrawals before age 59 ½
• Distributions must begin at age 70 ½
• Cash value that fluctuates with market (risky)
• Limited annual contributions
• Taxes may increase over time
• Tax Free Growth
• Tax free withdrawals
• Only participate in market gains (no risk)
• No age restrictions on withdrawals
• No limit on annual contributions
• Tax free retirement income for life (when structured properly)

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The Alternative! Infinite Wealth
With Infinite Wealth we help you identify the wealth transfers you are paying unintentionally and we creatively redirect this wealth to enhance your estate, improve your current lifestyle and provide a comfortable rewarding retirement.
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Financial Services
Retirement Planning
We hold your hand through this entire process and work with you continuously to address any other matters that may arise that impact your financial life.
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What if there was a way to avoid tax burdens at retirement, avoid downward trends in the stock market, and no taxes as your money grows and gets distributed.
Here’s the difference between making an investment in Infinite Wealth vs. a traditional retirement plan.
We educate consumers and small business owners on financial awareness, through little known strategies that offer safety and liquidity.  We have a team of strategic partners such as a business coach, tax attorney, and other financial professionals.

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